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Dept. of Computer Science

Submission Platform

Welcome to our submission platform for students of the Department of CS at the RPTU.

In the past computer science students had to hand in three hard copies of their thesis to the examination office before the deadline.

From the beginning of the winter term 2018 you can also submit your documents via this platform. After digital submission you only have to print out and hand in one single page – your Submission-Application-Sheet – to the examination office.

Please note that you must register your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis separately at the examination office. There you will also be informed of your individual deadline for submitting your thesis, which is also relevant for electronic submissions.

What can I submit?

On this web-based submission platform theses/publications of the following modules can be submitted:

Submission step by step

  1. Register your thesis at the Examination Office.
  2. Register/Login on this plattform.
  3. Create a new submission, providing the title of your thesis and abstract.
  4. Upload your thesis as a PDF and Add your reviewer’s details.
  5. Submit your submission to the examination office.

All the steps above have to be completed before the deadline.

In order to complete your submission you have to sign your “Application-Submission-Sheet” and send it via email ( to the examination office.
The examination office checks:

  • if you submitted your thesis bevor the deadline and
  • if the checksums of your uploaded files are identical to the checksums on the “Submission Application Sheet”.

If everything is in order, the examination office will accept your submission and you will receive a receipt. The reviewers are now automatically informed of your accepted submission and can access your thesis via the platform.

You can find your submissions and status on your personal login page.

Further information you can find in our FAQs and the Examination Regulations.

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