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Do I still have to register my thesis at the examination office?

Yes of course! Please note that you must register your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis separately at the Examination Office. There you will also be informed of your individual deadline for submitting your thesis, which is also relevant for electronic submissions.

Can I also use the platform with an old examination regulation to carry out my submission?

Yes, as a student of one of our computer science courses you can use this platform.

When can I register for the platform?

You can register at any time with a TUK e-mail address (* In any case, register well in advance of the last possible deadline. You will then receive the access data directly by e-mail. Possible complications such as a full mailbox or communication problems with the mail server can then be dealt with in good time.

Registration is not possible - user already exists. What now?

You have probably already registered on this platform at an earlier point in time. If you no longer have the access data, you can use the password recovery function to have the access data resent to you by email.

Can I make only one submission per registration?

Once you have registered, the platform offers you the opportunity to submit theses for your entire course of study from Bachelor to PhD and to retrieve them from there. This gives you a personal area in which you can prepare your submissions in peace. Only after the submission has been submitted via the “Submit Now” button will the examinations office be informed by email.

Does a printed copy have to be submitted in addition to the digital submission?

No, if you have submitted your thesis in digital form via this platform, a printed copy is no longer necessary.

I would rather hand in a printed copy - is that still possible?

According to the examination regulations, it is still possible to submit your final thesis to the examination department in duplicate in printed and bound form. Please note, that you must also submit a digital copy on CD or USB-Stick.
However, we recommend that you submit your thesis electronically using the submission system.

Does it matter how the PDF is generated?

Make sure that you generate a PDF file that can be read by common PDF readers without restrictions, with the following features:

  • Password protection deactivated
  • Print function activated
  • Copy content enabled
  • Comments allowed
  • PDF file size < 10MB

If in doubt, test the display of the file beforehand in different PDF viewers.

Help - I have uploaded the wrong PDF or specified a reviewer. What now?

As long as the deadline for submitting your thesis has not expired and your submission request has not yet been finally accepted by the Examination Office, you can exchange the document or withdraw the submission and then process it again.
A new submission is only not possible once your written submission request has been accepted by the Examination Office and your thesis has been released for review.

Why do I still have to hand in an application with the examination office?

The most important data is summarised on the submission application sheet generated by the platform. Your signature confirms that the checksums match the files you have uploaded and that you have created the work yourself (statement of authorship).
Once you have handed over the signed filing application to the Examination Office, it will be checked whether the filing application matches the digital submission. The Examination Office will check the file(s) you have uploaded for readability, number of pages and checksums. If everything is correct, the Examination Office will confirm that your submission is in order and that the submission has been accepted. The documents will then be made available to the examiners so that the examiners can access them.

What are optional documents?

Optional documents can only be uploaded after all mandatory documents have been uploaded. Please upload optional documents – especially source code – only in compressed form (ZIP archive).

What happens if the PDF document is not readable?

Once you have uploaded the document, you can immediately download it again and check whether it is readable and thus exclude generation or transmission errors.
Also check if the first 16 digits of the md5 sum calculated by the platform match the checksum of your local file. In addition, the examination office will view the document when you bring in the submission application sheet.

Why is a checksum calculated for each document submitted?

The checksum uniquely identifies your document, excluding transmission errors or subsequent changes. You should therefore always compare the calculated checksum of the uploaded file with the checksum of the local file on your computer. Under Linux, for example, this can be done using the command “md5sum”. With a MacOs via a terminal window with the command “md5”.
As checksum we use the first 16 digits of the md5 sum of the PDF file. You will also find this information on the submission application sheet, which you must submit to the Examination Office as soon as possible.

I can't find the button "Submit now"?

The button will not appear until you have provided all the required information and uploaded the documents to be submitted. In the case of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, these are at least the final thesis (PDF file) and the details of the two reviewers.

When and how will the examination office be informed about my submission?

The examination office will only be informed if you click on “Submit now”. So you can prepare your filing in peace.

Can I still change my submission after sending it to the examination office?

Yes, as long as the Examination Office has not yet accepted the submission and its deadline has not yet expired.

When do I have to hand in my thesis at the latest?

You can view your official submission date in the QIS (HIS Online Portal). Please upload all documents via the platform before the submission date (deadline is 23:59h on submission date) expires. When all documents are complete and you have selected your two reviewers, submit the data to the examination office using the “Submit now” button. It is essential that the document with your thesis is submitted in good time before the deadline. This means that the upload time determined by the platform (see online and on the submission application sheet) for the mandatory documents must be before the submission deadline. The submission application sheet should be handed in at the examination office as soon as possible.

What should I do if one of my reviewers does not appear in the list?

You can add reviewers that are not available in the list by clicking the “+” button and then select them for your submission.

Can I add a lock flag?

When creating the submission, you will be asked for the title of the thesis and an abstract. Below this you will find a checkbox where you can mark the work as “confidential”.
You should additionally include a corresponding note in the PDF with the final thesis in case the thesis is ever to be passed on in printed form.

How long is my thesis available on this platform?

Analogous to the retention period for printed final theses, digital submissions will also remain stored on this platform for at least 5 years.

last modification: 15. Jul. 2019 (1 year, 7 months)